Catherine Egan

I am a Motion Designer from Manchester looking to work in a Agency that can benefit from my Animation and Design skills.

As well as Animation, I have a keen interest in Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography. I study these subjects in my spare time to broaden my knowledge, due to me being driven to constantly continue my learning process alongside my work.

I love collaborating with other creatives and like-minded people on projects. To be able to bounce ideas off one another is something I thrive on, however I can work equally as well alone, as in a group. Each brief I take seriously, and with attention to detail I make sure to see it through to it’s conclusion.

Since graduating in 2013 I have endeavored to find a Motion Design job. I have taken on freelance and placement positions from studios and agencies to gain valuable experience and a greater understanding of what my field entails.

Catherine Egan’s CV